MentAd is the first predictive marketing platform created to grow your business

There are billions of prospective customers for your business. MentAd takes the guesswork out of identifying the most profitable customer acquisition strategy by learning what uniquely characterizes your existing customers and leveraging this data to reach new similar customers through the different advertising channels.

Big Data

Data Collection

The foundation of MentAd's predictive marketing technology is data. MentAd leverages your existing historic and real-time data in order to identify the DNA of your customers and business. The integration is seamless and normally takes under 30 minutes.

Big Data

Data Enhancement

MentAd's technology automatically enhances the basic data that is collected by searching through many different social networks, public data repositories, and other data sources to find additional information that will help identify the unique characteristics of your customers.

Big Data

Persona Classification

The piles of data that are collected are then sent to MentAd's Persona Classifier. This proprietary engine uses sophisticated data mining and machine-learning techniques to identify the unique characteristics (personas) of your existing customers among the millions of possible options.

Big Data

Marketing Intelligence

The personas identified by the Persona Classifier are fed into the Marketing Intelligence Engine, which ranks all of the customer acquisition opportunities across different advertising channels based on their predicted performance. The most profitable campaigns are then launched across these channels to reach each new customer at the optimal cost.

Big Data

Real-time Optimization

MentAd's Campaign Optimizer monitors each campaign and optimizes it based on its real-time performance and on new insights from the MentAd platform. The result is highly effective customer acquisition campaigns, run in a self-learning environment where every impression, click, and conversion helps to improve the campaigns' performance thus acquiring more customers and maximizing ROI.

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